Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Splendor

It has been a very good Sunday. Was able to sleep in late, worked on my little patio garden, cooked a few meals to be frozen, and worked a few hours on the Dragon Knot.

Dragon Knot is going to be a project I will have to attack every single day in order to get it done in time! But I am going to try my best to do it! So here's the latest picture of progress. Unfortunately it is a dark picture. It doesn't really do it justice. I will take another picture soon as I make significant progress this week! I was not able to work on it last weekend as I was in Houston but I've worked on it as much as I could the past week afer work and this weekend.

1 comment:

sugardoll said...

You are so patient to work on this. Wow! The amount of progress you have done is amazing, but there is so much more, to me anyways LOL. Lovely stitching as well.