Monday, April 07, 2008

Dragon Knot Update

So the plan for the weekend was to do some serious stitching. Didn't quite go that way. It seems that life decided that I needed to do other things. I did get in more than a few hours in though. And this is the end result after the weekend:
It was not the progress I wanted to see but I will live with it. I hope to have even more to show by the end of the week. Although I am not sure how much stitching time I will get in this week as I am so tired after packing and moving boxes at work all day. Plus this upcoming weekend I will be in Houston for a birthday party! But I am determined to have it finished very very very soon!


sales said...

You have made great progress!

sugardoll said...

beautiful stitching, and I can see some progress. I am sure with that speed you will finish it soon!