Monday, March 24, 2008

New Stash

Look what I had in my mail box today!

It's Blossom by Dinky Dyes. I was perusing the Picture This Plus website when I came across a posting about these patterns that are small enough for one to sample using silks. So, with the purchase of the thread pack ($6.00) you got the pattern for free. So this is going into my stash pile into I get the fabric.

Next, I purchased a new HAED pattern. I should know better than to look at that website during a holiday. Of course they were having a sale! I picked up this particular pattern for my niece. She'll be 7 next month so maybe by her 10th? LOL!

Really no stitching update to post! I didn't do enough to even worth mentioning! The weather was absolutely gorgeous here this weekend. Spring has arrived! At least down south! So I took Duke to the dog park so he could run around on Saturday and then to my parents on Sunday so he could run around in the back yard. Even today is a beautiful day. My eyes keep wandering to the window where I can see green leafy tree branches and flowers are blooming on my patio plants. It's so bright and sunny!

Hope all is well! Geaux Tigers!


Tammy said...

Great stash! I want that Dinky Dyes too!

sugardoll said...

Nice stash. I don't fancy HAED's. maybe a couple of designs, but my hats off to you for having patience on them. Amazing!

Katrien (ILCS) said...

Blossom looks like a great pattern. That HEAD-pattern is amazing. Have fun!

Christine H said...

Great stash, good luck with the HAED design.

Nancy said...

I have had my eye on that Dinky Dye pattern too! I really like the silks in the Chatelaine I am doing. Its the first time I have used silks. I just started my first HAED and I figure a good 3 years at least too! Thanks for rubbing in the nice weather you are having... still cold and dreary up north. In fact, I just turned up the furnace a tad!