Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Kiss - Update

This past week I focused on one project. I was on a roll and didn't want to stop! I can definitely see significant progress and have gotten over my initial fear of tackling a Mirabilia project!

It may not seem like a significant amount done but it really is! And it's been fairly easy to stitch! Thread Heaven makes working with the threads a breeze!!!


sugardoll said...

Wow! the fabric is just remarkable. This piece will surely turn out beautifully in the fabric you are using. Lovely progress btw, are you going to stitch the sky?? I left mine out because the fabric gave the illusion of the sky. Can't wait to see more!!

Lady Val said...

That's beautiful!! Excellent choice for the fabric.

sugardoll said...

Hey girl,

Just want to let you know that I have tagged you on my blog. Hopw that's okay.

Hope you will post soon when you have time. =)

Christine H said...

Looks greats