Monday, November 12, 2007

WIP Update

Time for an update! I have been working on two projects. Well, not as diligently as I normally do but then I am not used to having two projects going on at the same time. Actually I have three, but I have put one aside for now. I will hopefully revisit it soon!

It's a very gloomy day today so it was pretty dark in the apartment. So the pictures are not very good quality. I know, I am very picky!

The picture below is my progress this past week on the HAED Iris Keeper Storykeep. I am hoping to have this one done by Christmas but there are so many color changes! It just may not happen. It may have to turn into a birthday present next September. But I am keeping my fingers crossed!

This second pictures is an update on The Kiss. I haven't worked on this much . I am going to try to keep this as my weekend project. I worked on it this past Saturday. I have to admit I have been pretty leary about working on it as I am not used to working on this type of linen. I believe it is a 28 count piece. It is 2 over 2. My first one! So it is very slow progress!

1 comment:

Little Cat said...

Both pieces are beautiful but that HAED looks very complicated.

Very pretty fabric you've chosen too.