Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crafty updates

I haven't had much time to be creative but I've done a few projects. 

The first was a stocking for my sister's newest dog. This picture is pretty dark but there's a lot of sparkle in this stocking. I do have to make some repairs because Lulu managed to chomp the head off of one of the reindeer. 

The next was a new LSU wreath for my sister. The last one became a nest for birds. Here's hoping she keeps the birds out of this one! 

Currently I'm working on a burlap wreath for a friend. I've never made one before so this is a learning experience. I'm not finding it as easy as the mesh wreaths but it isn't difficult. Just a different technique. I'm thinking this first one will be for me and the next will be for my friend who ordered one from me. 

And in keeping with being a serial starter, I began a new cross stitch project. Haven't finished any but thought, what the heck, I'll start a new one. This one is Mini Alice and Snow White by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. This will be either for my sister or my oldest niece. Not sure yet. 

I did manage to finally finish the third book of Game of Thrones so I am all ready for the new season to start! I have quite a few other books to read before I can start the 4th book. I am now reading Styxx. 

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