Sunday, November 03, 2013

It's been a long time....

It has been quite a while since I've written.  So much has happened.  I've been busy but mostly I haven't been motivated to write anything.
Where do I start?  I guess at the beginning.
Back in August, my little man began to fail.  He wasn't breathing comfortably.  He lost his appetite.  But he never lost his spirit.  He was still my sweet little boy up until the very end.  I realized that I had to stop being selfish and stop his suffering.  The combination of the heart tumor and heart murmur was just too much for medication and love to overcome. The vet did say that of the dogs that he has treated with similar symptoms, Duke lived the longest. Most dogs live an additional 6 months to a year from diagnosis, not 2 years.  The early diagnosis and treatment with medication helped out a lot.  It's been difficult coming home to an empty apartment but I know I did the right thing.

In late September I took a trip to visit my nieces and nephews in North Louisiana.  I rarely ever head up that way but for them I made the trip.  The two girls were competing in the state fair pageant.  Marly won Junior Miss Claiborne Parish State Fair Queen.  I am so very proud. 

Even Cassady participated.  As big as her personality is, she completely clammed up once on the stage.  I really thought she would be hamming it up for everyone.  She was a little bummed that she didn't get a crown though.

I attended my first ever Tulane football game and tailgate.  That was definitely very different from an LSU tailgate.  They tailgate in a parking garage. So few people go that you can pretty much sit anywhere.  But they are having a good season and are bowl eligible for the first time in 10 years (?).  They are predicted to go to the New Orleans Bowl.  So, I may be going to my first New Orleans Bowl game this year.
I've done a little bit of stitching.  Not much.  I've managed to complete 2 pages on my peacock pictures.  One day I will finish and it will go in my bedroom.  That is if I finish before I change the colors in my bedroom again. 
Halloween this year was a rainy, wet one.  We did a themed Halloween at work.  All of the women were "cheerleaders" and our boss was the "coach".  I made shirts for all of us to wear and Jenny accessorized the outfits.  Yep, that's us with our "head pieces" on.  I think I would have preferred a big bow!

We had a luncheon and my contribution this year was deviled eggs.  So I decided to make them Halloween themed.  I had deviled "eyes" and spiders.  In my opinion they came out much better looking than they tasted.  But it was my first time ever making deviled eggs.  I typically just like to eat them, not make them!

I've already gotten a jump on the holiday shopping.  Our girls night out in October was an afternoon/evening of shopping at a local event called Holly Days.  I managed to snag presents for my mother and sister in addition to a sweater for me.  Now I need to sit down and make my list of the things I need to buy for the rest of my family and friends.  Black Friday will be here soon!

Work has been extremely busy and I see a lot of overtime for me in the coming month.  That's ok.  I prefer to pay cash for all of my Christmas presents!

I'm sure I've missed something that happened over the past few months but those were the most significant and recent events that I could recall! 

I hopefully will be better at documenting the upcoming holidays!


Claudette497 said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweetie - sending hugs your way.

Tammy said...

Losing a fur babe is so so hard. I lost mine last month. :( Good to see you, and I look forward to seeing more posts! I'm bad about blogging, but trying to do better!