Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend with my little man

This post is only a few weeks past due. It did occur in the month of September so it is only fitting that I get it posted on the last day of September! 

I was lucky enough to get my nephew for one night and day. So we packed it in! We watched the movie Hop. Cute movie but really didn't need to see that the Easter Bunny poops jelly beans. :/

We took a trip to New Orleans to the aquarium. I hadn't been there in forever. He had a choice between there and the zoo. So aquarium it was. He didn't appear to enjoy himself but from what his parents said, he had an awesome time. Sigh, 10 year old boys. We then went to Plum Street sno balls. Yummy! It comes in Chinese takeout boxes. Too cute! Then dinner at Izzo's followed by dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

It is so rare that I get to have time with him alone. We usually have his two sisters or at least one of them with us. 

Small craft project I bought for him to do. Color Spider Man. 

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