Monday, June 27, 2011

Cranky Monday!

Yep, I was cranky today!  Did not want to get out of bed and go to work.  Why?  Cause my summer weekends have been absolutely fantabulous!!!  I'm enjoying my summer and well, work is just getting in the way!

This past weekend I had breakfast with my friend Jenny, her 2 boys and her mother.  We went to a local bakery who serves a phenomenal breakfast!  So much food you can't possibly finish it!!  Jenny had me cracking up!  She told her oldest boy, Phil, who is 2 years old, to show me what he gets for breakfast.  So he took me over to the case where all the pastries and muffins are and he tells me, while pointing at the muffins, "I get the chocolate one!".  Now  you would think nothing of this but this kid is pointing to a bran muffin!!!  Yep, Jenny has taught her child that a bran muffin with raisins is a chocolate chip muffin.  LMAO!!!!  When he gets that muffin, he digs into it, looking for the raisins like they are treasure!  Boy, when he finds out what a chocolate chip muffin really is, he is going to be upset!!!

 Can you tell the difference?  I know I can!!!

After breakfast, they agreed to go with me to a panaderia.  A panaderia is a mexican bakery.  There are two that have now opened up and I've been dying to go in but too chicken because my spanish isn't that good.  But we went and I was able to get my favorite baked good!  It is called a concha.  To me it is like a big cookie but it isn't very sweet.  I didn't know it but Jenny got one too and she thought it tasted like a sweet bread. The best part was that the workers spoke just enough Engligh!  Woo hoo!  I see more visits in my future! (No fussing Jessica!  My spanish sucks!  Even after all those years of lessons!)

The weekend also included some pool time and a much needed pedicure!!!  It was just an easy going relaxing weekend!  I also finished a book (pool time is great for that!).  I finished Water for Elephants.  I do recommend this book.  Easy, quick read.  Pretty good story! I have not seen the movie but hope to.

Next I will be pulling out the 7th Harry Potter to re-read in anticipation of the opening on July 15th.  Before that though is 4th of July weekend and then the Motley Crue/Poison concert!  I've been listening to my Motley Crue tunes and I need to download my Poison songs onto my iPhone.  Gotta get ready for the concert! 

I definitley don't want to jinx myself but this has been a good start to the summer!

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mdgtjulie said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad you had a good one! I can't wait to see the last Harry Potter movie too. I've seen them all, most of them multiple times, lol.