Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time Is Flying!!!

What is that saying?  "Time flies when one is having fun."  Not so sure if I am having fun but the time sure is flying!

Work has been crazy insane.  We have 3 back to back conventions. The first starting today with the last ending next Sunday.  Since starting back at the old new job I have yet had a week with no overtime!  Not that I am complaining!  Love the checks!

Weekends have been jammed pack lately.  Trips to New Orleans, shopping and there is even more to come!

Here are a few pics from when I went to New Orleans.  Headed to the zoo and then down to the Riverwalk to see how high the river really was.

The weekend we went to the zoo was absolutely perfect spring weather!  It was great to be outside in the fresh air!

Here are some pics of the Mississippi River from the Riverwalk.  It may not seem high to those who aren't familiar to the area but trust me, it is very high!

I finished reading two books.  The new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Reckoning and JR Ward's Lover Mine.  Both are great books! Love, love, love both of those series.  Can't wait till the next Sookie book and I need to go out and buy the next Black Dhagger book!

I do have one small cross stitch finish.  I managed to finish a small bib for a co-worker who had a baby about a month ago.  I was able to finally find time this week to go visit her and her new baby boy!  He is so sweet! I did a doggy bib because the parents have two dogs themselves and absolutely love dogs.

I worked 10 1/2 hours today at work.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day.  I am going to go in super early because I need to leave on time.  Needless to say, I've already put my 40 hours in for the week!  Next week is going to be just as long since I am working a convention.  I am leaving on time because my nieces and nephew are coming in to town and I have them for the night!  Yay!  I plan on us going swimming and to the park.  Then Saturday night I will be going to see Luke Bryan, Trace Adkins, Sugarland and Tim McGraw at Bayou Country Fest!

I am so thankful that my Mom came by today and cleaned my home for me and that she has offered to go grocery shopping for me tomorrow! She is the best Mom ever!!!! It is a great help to me and such a relief!

Summer is here!  And it is going full force!  I feel as though I haven't had time to take a breathe!  But I have to say, and I do so reluctantly because I don't want to jinx myself, but I do believe I am having fun! :)


mdgtjulie said...

It's lovely that you have so much on your plate and are enjoying it. Cute bib, grats on the finish. And your pics look great!!

Claudette497 said...

That is one high river! The bib looks great.