Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh My!!!

Where have I been?  I haven't posted a blog since April 6!!  Hmm, doesn't seem like that much has been going on, but maybe so.

I am well overdue with a posting about my trip to Houston.  Seems like it was such a quick, short trip, but of course, jamming as much as possible into it!

I left early on Saturday morning so that I could be in Houston before lunch time. Can't get up during the week in order to get to work on time but I can get up on a Saturday morning to be in the car before 7 am to get to Houston.  Priorities!!! Priorities!!!!

Made it to Houston right before lunch time and was immediately whisked off to lunch with Stacy and the kids.  Well, two of the kids.  Marly and Parker.  We went to Zaxby's.  It's a chicken place.  That's all they do.  Chicken.  Grilled, fried, nuggets, sandwiches.  Just chicken.  Yeah, I didn't pick it, the kids did.  Then off to the local needle store.  It was so much fun to just look!!!!  Of course, I always forget to make a list of things I may need before I get there.  I did buy a new pair of scissors, a needle minder, and this cool thing for your finger that helps you to pick up beads.  I also purchased a beginner's stitching kit for my nephew.  Yep, that's right, my nephew.  He asked me if he could have it so I didn't see a reason as to why he shouldn't learn. 

I wasn't the only one in town for the big weekend.  Stacy's mother and 2 aunts were also there.  That made for a very full house.  So I stayed at Jeff's parents house.  Best decision I could have made.  I had a bedroom to myself with a huge 4-poster bed that was so high I had to jump to get into it and a private spa bathroom.  Yep, I was living the high life for a few days.  I really didn't want to come home!!! Even harder when they said I could stay as long as I wanted!!!

So we celebrated a birthday and a baptism that weekend for Marly Grace.  She is now 9 years old.  I can't believe it.  One of her gifts was a cell phone.  So now I get texts from her all the time.  Morning, afternoon, and night.  It is sweet but I don't think I quite approve, but then she is not my child!!! Parker is also getting to be a big boy.  He'll be 8 in August.  Cassady just turned 1.  She isn't talking or walking yet but give her time.  She makes a lot of sounds and show her where her walker is and she can zoom off!!!  She is into everything!  Such an inquisitive little thing!

Parker and Marly


Jeff baptizing Marly

Parker, Cassady and Marly

Marly, Cassady, me, and Parker.  Let it be noted that I was hurrying up Shug to take the picture because Cassady had kicked off her diaper. I just knew she was going to pee or poop on me!!!  Luckily she didn't!!

It was so much fun to see everyone.  I really didn't want to come back on Monday but I had to.  Needed to pick up Duke from the vet.  He was not a happy camper!!!

I Can't Make This Up
This past Friday I took off work a few hours early to get some things settled with my car.  I was in desperate need for an oil change and tire rotation plus I still haven't gotten a quote done on the damage so that I can start the process to get my car done.  So I went to the dealership and had my car's oil changed and the tires rotated.  Then off to the body shop.  That was a waste of time.  Having a check wasn't good enough for them.  They needed some other type of paper work that the insurance company hadn't given me.  Back home I head.  When I get in the apartment, I notice this buzzing noise.  I see a few wasps in my windows in the living room, but that's typical at times.  Sometimes when I open the patio door I get a few wasps in the apartment.  I knew I needed to walk Duke so I sprayed some wasp spray, killed them, and off I went to walk Duke.  Now upon my return to the apartment, I let Duke loose and head to the bedroom to get on my "comfy" clothes.  When I entered my bedroom, I heard a VERY LOUD buzzing noise.  I had a swarm of wasps in my bedroom. 

Yep, that's right.  Wasps were in my bedroom.  How?  Who knows?  It took 2 cans of wasp spray to kill them.  No, I didn't do it myself.  The apartment handy man came over and did it.  I packed up Duke and took him to my parents house.  I didn't want him around all the chemicals.  Well, my mom insisted I stay too as she wanted to make sure everything was dead and didn't want me around the chemicals later.  When my dad and I came back to the apartment to do a preliminary cleaning and pick up some clothes, we found between 70 and 100 dead wasps in the window sill. 

Saturday was spent cleaning up even more dead wasps and trying to get the chemical smell out of the apartment.  I had wanted to do some cleaning over the weekend but not that intensive!!!!  Duke was able to come home that afternoon and we slept in the bedroom that night.  No bugs since then!  Keep your fingers cross!!!

I have been stitching.  Just no new photos to show you! But I hope to soon! I have been working on the Mary Engelbreight quilt and the Mill Hill Olive Oil projects.  I'm doing the beading right now on the Olive Oil one.  I like to do that when it is sunny outside as I can see better.  So I typically end up beading only on the weekends and when I am watching an LSU baseball game.  Well, then I get sucked into the game, get distracted and not much beading gets done but it is coming along!!!!

Well, I hope to have a stitchy blog soon!  Everyone continue to have a great week!


Blu said...

Sounds like a great week. Well, except for the wasps. That sound like it's straight out of a horror movie.

Shelley said...

Wow! What an update. Sounds like your trip to houston was a blast. Hopefully you can go back again soon.

The that is scary. Have your searched everywhere for a nest? Maybe they came in through a vent somewhere. Who knows! Let's keep our toes crossed that you never see them in your bedroom again!

Maureen said...

omg - i could cope with a couple of wasps but not that much - that would totally freak me out - hope they are gone for good!