Friday, May 22, 2009

Cross Stitch Update

I do have an update on stitching! I actually was able to get a few hours of stitching in the mornings done while I was waiting for my sister to get ready! While on vacation I worked on Dragon Knot 2! I am loving the way this piece is really starting to come alive! The pictures do it absolutely no justice at all! The lighting here is pretty dark since we are having an overcast day!

I've also started a new project. I know I shouldn't have but it has been calling to me! I started Nora Corbett's Holly. This picture is pretty out of focus but was the best of the many I tried to take! The picture below it is of the final product.

This weekend is my birthday weekend. My birthday is Monday, Memorial Day. So I am treating myself to a trip to a LNS in New Orleans. I am sure I will find something but just what it will be is the best surprise!

I am also going to get caught up on my sleep, get back into a routine and clean my apartment. Now a days, one needs a vacation from the vacation!


CindyMae said...

I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday weekend this weekend! And a very happy and blessed Birthday Monday! Have fun at the LNS!! You progress is looking fabulous as is your new start!

Gabi said...

Wishing you now already a great Birthday and hope you'll have a fun day. Looking forward to see what you'll buy at the LNS. Your Dragon looks fantastic and Holly looks great now already.

Lou's addictions said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and treat yourself to something fab.

I can see why you just had to start on the holly piece. My oldest daughters name is Hollie and would love this so theres another to add to my to buy list lol...

Chiloe said...

I love the Pixie !!! The colors are stunning ;-) I want to stitch the two new ones ;-)

The HAED is really beautiful: I also love the colors and I'm sure they are better in real ;-)

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy birthday Melinda! May all your dreams come true and all you wishes be granted.

Nice progress on your WIP and please share pics of your new stash.

All the best,
Evalina in the Yukon

5footrunt said...

I love the colors in the dragon and the fairy. I don't do fairies sigh.... my husbband gets freaked out by them, lol.

htimcj said...

Happy birthday! Your WIPS look great!

Rene la Frog said...

Happy Birthday a day early. Hope you have a great day and find a lot of stash at the LNS.

Your WIP's look great.

curiosities808 said...

The Dragon is stitching up wonderfully! It looks great so far.
I've got Holly sitting...waiting to be started too. Now that you've started yours...maybe I should get my needle in mine as well. LOL
Are you going to the LNS on Magazine? It was where we went Pre-Katrina...not sure if they opened back up afterward or not... Garden District Needlework Shop...Lots of fun stuff was there. We also went to Gary's in Metairie.
Have a Great Birthday!
alicia in Hawaii

Mel said...

Happy birthday!
I hope you get to enjoy your day!
Your HAED is looking just lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely stitching and love the new start! Enjoy your stash trip.

Debbie Jo said...

Happy Birthday and hope you had a wonderful trip to the LNS. Both of your stitching projects are lovely.

Nancy said...

Love seeing the progress on this design! Wonderful colors and details.