Monday, October 09, 2006

The Visitor

Friday night my friends and I gathered together to celebrate the return of my friend Joyful from Europe. She had been over there for two weeks visiting England for pleasure and Germany for family.

We all went to one of our favorite sushi restaurants. We placed our orders and settled down into visiting and catching up with each other. Our waiter brought our food and we were all enjoying our different rolls when one of my friends very calmly got up from the table and backed away from it while saying "Joy, stay calm, but there is a roach next to you." Yep, that's right! A roach, the visitor, had decided to join our meal. He was right next to Joy on the wall. Now, Joy is TERRIFIED of roaches. I have to commend her for keeping it together and just jumping up and grabbing her food. I, on the other hand, sat back and watched the events unfold and giggled!

Our waiter was very efficient and came over right away and killed the roach and promptly moved us to another table. We only received 20% off the bill.

I have to say that it may be quite awhile before we go back! LOL!

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